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31 July 2005

Dine with Serving Chopsticks & Spoons

The outbreak of SARS in 2003 has raised the public awareness on personal and environmental hygiene. It also kick-started to the "Promotion for the Use of Serving Chopsticks and Spoons Campaign" organized by the Hong Kong Medical Association to promote the culture of using serving chopsticks & spoons at meals with the ultimate goal of improving the hygienic condition in Hong Kong.

The first phase of the "Promotion for the Use of Serving Chopsticks and Spoons Campaign" was jointly launched by the Hong Kong Medical Association and the Home Affairs Department in December 2003 and 150,000 pairs of serving chopsticks were distributed to the public through the clinics of private practitioners and the outpatient departments of private hospitals. In July 2004 the second phase of the Campaign was successfully launched. Our main objective was to let school children bring home the message "Dine with Serving Chopsticks & Spoons" even at home.

On 31 July 2005 the Hong Kong Medical Association has the honor of having Dr. P. Y. Lam, JP, Director of the Department of Health to officiate the kick-off ceremony of the "Promotion of the Use of Serving Chopsticks & Spoons Campaign"Phase III and Mr. Alex Fong to be our "Serving Chopstick Ambassador". Activities would include chopsticks technique competition, quiz games with the audience and singing performance.

The third phase targets at dining places by distributing posters, menu posters, stickers etc., imprinted with health education message to restaurants and dining places as well as roving exhibition of Health Education Panels at shopping malls with the support of the Department of Health. Besides, a "Parents-children Colouring Competition" for kindergarten children with the theme of using serving chopsticks and spoons would be organized in September 2005 followed by a prize presentation at the closing ceremony of the Campaign on 6 November 2005 (Sunday).


Notes to editors :
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